April 20, 2009

Pissed as Hell!

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I’m pissed! Pissed and buzzed — a bad combination!
So a few people from Louisiana are suing the Army Corp of Engineers after Hurricane Katrina for MILLIONS!
HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you somehow over look the fact that you lived in a TARGET! ARE YOU STUPID! Is it the responsibility of the government to tell you when maybe just maybe you might be buying a house in an area where just maybe a little ‘ole storm might pass!
And I don’t know maybe when every news agency in the United States says you might want to evacuate and you decide to “just ride it out”!


You get hit once and your to stupid to realize the danger where you live! People from Florida get hit EVERY YEAR! They’re rebuilding not suing!

You want to use MY tax money to replace your intelligence! IF YOU CAN’T TAKE THE HEAT GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN! IF YOU CAN’T TAKE THE WEATHER MOVE!

Go to Oklahoma and talk those people! They got balls — they rebuild. Go to Florida — they rebuild and listen to Jimmy Buffet!

Take responsibility for your actions. You live in a flood zone (check the map). You live in a coastal swamp — CHECK THE MAP! You live in a hurricane prone area — CHECK THE FRIGGIN MAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m sorry. Shit happens. I am just not willing to pay for your shit!


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